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Ensuring that institutional investors are up to date on the latest developments within the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry is critical, which is why Nareit has partnered with the Real Estate Limited Partner Institute (RELPI).

RELPI enables pension funds, endowments, foundations, asset managers, family offices, and other industry participants to discuss real estate allocation and investment opportunities. The Institute accomplishes this, in part, by hosting smaller virtual roundtables and larger in-person meetings in the United States and around the world throughout the year.

“Our mission is to foster a global community of asset managers, operating companies, and institutional investors to help them network with each other in a low-key, high-impact way,” said RELPI CEO and Executive Director Jonathan A. Schein. “Nareit is a well-known and influential voice in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry. I’m thrilled that Nareit is joining our community to help enrich our conversations with its expertise and own connections within the CRE industry.”

RELPI’s in-person events take place in unique places, such as the Chelsea Market in New York City or the Edge Amsterdam West in Amsterdam, and feature a mix of investor presentations and networking.

Commenting on the partnership, Nareit Senior Vice President of Investment Affairs David Sullivan said, “We are looking forward to engaging with the RELPI community to share our research about why REITs should be a critical component of any portfolio. This is particularly true for pension, endowment, and foundation funds.”

To learn more REITs and how including them in a portfolio can increase returns, protect against inflation, and provide meaningful diversification, read the REITs Quick Facts Guide.

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