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Image of Prologis, Inc. staffers analyzing data.
Prologis, Inc. continually looks for ways to engage with customers to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet sustainability goals and create value.

This is a case study that's a part of the 2021 REIT Industry ESG Report, an annual report detailing the REIT industry's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance details in the publicly traded U.S. REIT industry. Featured case studies showcase REIT leadership and ESG innovation from a variety of sectors and serve as a practical tool for stakeholders to assess the scale and impact of the REIT industry's ESG commitments and initiatives.

ESG is integrated into every level of Prologis, Inc.’s (Prologis) business, and it continually looks for ways to engage with customers to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet sustainability goals and create value.

The Prologis Community Workforce Initiative (CWI) exemplifies this common purpose of driving positive business and ESG outcomes for the company’s key stakeholders. Launched in 2018, CWI was founded to help Prologis’ customers build a talent pipeline in logistics, while revitalizing career pathways and creating economic opportunity in the communities where it operates. The company has partnered with JFF, a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems, to develop a digital learning and development program that addresses basic workforce skills, lean principles, and logistics-specific training in areas such as workplace safety and forklift operation.

As part of this effort, Prologis has also partnered with community-based organizations, community colleges, and workforce development boards to engage jobseekers through these online training resources, connect them with local employment opportunities, and provide additional career guidance and support services. These partnerships are now active in 10 markets around the world, including the United Kingdom.

"Our future-focused approach to ESG drives our efforts to develop the next generation of logistics talent and find solutions for our customers, where a skilled workforce can help bridge the hiring gap and spur economic opportunity."
Steven Hussain, Vice President, Workforce Programs and Community Relations

In the three years since its founding, CWI has trained hundreds for logistics roles and is well on its goal of training 25,000 by 2025. It recently announced, with the Association for Supply Chain Management, a new certificate program that will serve as a standard for core skills in logistics and builds on the online, self-paced curriculum that Prologis developed. After successfully passing an exam, students will receive completion certificates, digital badges, and credentials for their resumes.

Prologis, Inc. is a multinational logistics REIT with a portfolio consisting of approximately 990 million square feet in 19 countries and headquartered in San Francisco, Calif.

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