11/01/2017 | by
Allen Kenney

Jim Taiclet discusses what it’s like being CEO of the largest REIT and how to keep tower real estate ahead of the technological curve.


In a special edition of The REIT Report: Nareit’s Weekly Podcast, American Tower’s (NYSE: AMT) Jim Taiclet offered his perspectives on more than 15 years as CEO of what is now the largest REIT.

Nareit interviewed Taiclet for the One-on-One feature in the November/December 2017 issue of REIT magazine. He reflected on how his military service now influences his approach to leading a global real estate company. He also discussed what it was like transitioning into the chief executive role at American Tower in 2001 following Sept. 11 and the changes made to navigate the company through the subsequent economic crisis. Lastly, Taiclet looked ahead to the challenges and opportunities presented to American Tower as a result of emerging technological innovations.