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Essex Property Trust Expands West Coast Portfolio

With a mega-merger in the rear-view mirror, Essex Property Trust is building up its portfolio out west.

Office towers
More REITs Gaining Access to Commercial Paper
For REITs that qualify, commercial paper is a way to reduce borrowing costs.
Bull and bear
Misconceptions About REITs and Interest Rates
The idea that rising interest rates are always bad for REITs may need another look.
Office construction
Commercial Real Estate: Back In Demand
As new construction picks up, demand for REIT space shakes off most, but  not all, of the downturn’s drag.
REITs in the Public Eye

 Voluminous regulatory filings and extensive coverage by securities analysts and the financial press help make stock exchange-listed REITs the most transparent firms in the world of real estate.

Mike Nash
Blackstone’s Michael Nash Reflects on Thoughtful Lending and Expanding Market Share

Michael Nash spoke recently with REIT magazine on topics including the state of market fundamentals and the reasons why Blackstone has been selling so much of its real estate lately.

REIT Industry Names to Note

The latest job announcements and industry news from the REIT industry.

Leading REIT Fund Managers Share Their Outlook For 2015

What should investors expect from the REIT market in 2015? REIT magazine recently spoke with the portfolio managers of some of 2014’s top-performing REIT mutual funds for their insights and expectations. 

Evaluating the Future of REIT IPOs

REIT initial public offerings (IPOs) tend to ebb and flow with market conditions, and they’re now showing promise of continuing their respectable run.

Matt Bechard
A Compelling Offer

While the market conditions may vary and the volume will ebb and flow, the ingredients for a successful REIT IPO remain constant—strong management, compelling investment strategy and the right assets/portfolio.