REIT Magazine Articles

Dave Nadig
Facts on ETFs, GICS Changes

Dave Nadig spoke with REIT magazine about the market for ETFs and the implications of the GICS move for listed REITs and real estate companies on the buy side of the investing industry.

REIT Research Desk

Reviews and commentary on the latest REIT research.

Effects of the Upcoming GICS Classification for the REIT Industry

Listed Equity REITs and real estate companies will no longer be a niche, but rather representative of the distinct real estate asset class.

Doyle Simons
One-on-One With Weyerhaeuser CEO Doyle Simons

Weyerhaeuser consolidates its position as a timberland REIT powerhouse.

Kenneth Campbell
Four Quick Questions With CBRE Clarion Securities Co-founder Kenneth Campbell

Campbell’s latest book, “Watch That Rat Hole and Witness the REIT Revolution,” offers a comprehensive look at the rise of the REIT industry and some of his most important life lessons.

REIT Industry Names to Note
Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE: ADC) announced the appointment of Matthew Partridge as executive vice president, secretary and CFO. 
Matt Bechard
The Importance of REITs and Digital Infrastructure

The need for more digital infrastructure is only going to increase.

Realty Income
Realty Income is Reaping Triple-Net Lease Rewards

Realty Income has consistently delivered a strong dividend and maintained the respect of Wall Street.

REITs Reshaping Communities

At their core, REITs provide the spaces for their tenants to thrive.

Boilermaker Shops
Reshaping Communities: Forest City's The Yards

When REITs invest in new development projects, the benefits extend beyond the companies and their tenants and shareholders.