REIT Magazine Articles

REITs Rethinking Joint Ventures

In today's market, joint ventures for most REITs represent a cheaper alternative to raising equity.

How REITs Are Dealing With Shareholder Activism

As the REIT industry’s size and profile has increased, activist investors have become more vocal.

Investing in Real Estate Smartly

Only stock exchange-listed REITs provide the diversification the vast majority of individual investors want and need.

REIT Industry Names to Note

The latest job announcements and industry news from the REIT industry.

Liberty Property Trusts Navy Yard
Four Transformative REIT Redevelopment Projects

A number of REITs are engaged in redevelopment projects to transform outmoded assets into viable business and residential space.

Lauralee Martin
Lauralee Martin Brings A New Perspective To HCP

REIT magazine spoke with Martin about those early days of her transition to the CEO’s chair, HCP’s adjustment to life under Obamacare and managing a business that is involved in every facet of the health care system.

Mortgage REITs Prepare for Interest Rate Hikes

Investing in mortgages requires the ability to handle the ebb and flow of interest rate changes.

Alvin Roth
Nobel Prize Winner Alvin Roth Plays the Match Game

The “Who Gets What—and Why” author takes a deep dive into the discipline of market design and some of its practical applications. 

Global Expansion of REIT Brand Centered on Variety and Familiarity

The REIT brand is undergoing a global expansion centered on variety and familiarity.

Westfield: Changing the Face of Retail

Westfield focuses on flagship stores in flagship assets.