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Highlights of leading research regarding real estate investment.

Don Wood
Keeping Retail Relevant

The effect of changing consumer behavior on the business of retail continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing. 

MIT’s David Geltner on the Data Revolution in Real Estate

A revolution is coming in real estate investment, according to MIT professor David Geltner.

REIT Industry Names to Note

People making news in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry.

Well-Capitalized REITs Strategically Positioned in 2017

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions for REITs, opportunism will likely remain the key theme of 2017.

New REIT Park Hotels & Resorts Aims High in the Lodging Marketplace

Park Hotels & Resorts adds “scale” to the lodging marketplace.

Entering a New Era for Tax Reform

NAREIT has played an instrumental role in advocating for the framework of rules undergirding this thriving industry. That will continue as we enter a new stage in the potential evolution of U.S. tax laws.

Real Estate Fund Managers Offer Market Predictions for 2017

Top-performing real estate fund managers reflect on 2016 and offer insight into 2017.

Georgian Terace
REITs Reshaping Communities: Sotherly Hotels, Inc.

Sotherly Hotels is intent on reinforcing the status of the Georgian Terrace as a local landmark and marquee destination for visitors to the unofficial capital of the American South.

Thomas DeRosa
Welltower Wants to Transform Health Care Infrastructure

As the world’s population ages, Welltower CEO Thomas DeRosa sees an unparalleled opportunity to transform the health care infrastructure needed to meet the wellness needs of seniors.