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Industry news from the REIT industry.

Sam Chandon
4 Quick Questions with NYU's Sam Chandan

We are an industry defined by relationships—whether between borrowers and lenders, developers and sponsors, or REITs and analysts.

Tim Naughton
Unlocking Investment Benefits with REITs

New research from Wilshire Funds Management illustrates the benefits of REIT dividends for income oriented investment portfolios.

Minding the Gap in Affordable Housing

Housing Partnership Equity Trust is working to shore up the nation’s stock of homes for residents with modest incomes.

Michael Gapen
Q&A with Michael Gapen, Chief U.S. Economist, Barclays

" The question this year has been whether the weaknesses in certain sectors could roll the broader economy into recession."

Matt Bechard
Remembering Ralph Block

RalphBlock took complex concepts and made them accessible by clearly articulating the attributes of real estate investment through REITs.

REITs and the economy
Economists Give Their REIT Predictions

Economists expect REITs to continue to grow as technology and demographics shape the industry.

Cities of the Future

REITs should recognize that their business models will need to evolve with the changes in their ecosystem.

Names to Note

People making news in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry.

DCT Industrial
Local Markets Drive DCT Industrial

DCT Industrial’s strategic shift following the recession made all the difference in the company’s growth the past decade.