REIT Magazine Articles

  • 7/22/2013

    Michael Graziano Keeps on Moving

    Michael J. Graziano is Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
  • 7/22/2013

    A Cycle of Recycling

    In the Know/Know How
  • 7/18/2013

    4 Quick Questions with Cindy Jacobs

    Cindy Jacobs is Senior Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency
  • 7/17/2013

    Simon’s 20/20 Vision

    David Simon looks back on 20 years and ahead to the future.
  • 7/17/2013

    Housing the Economy

    REITs evolve over time to support economic growth.
  • 7/17/2013

    Strategic Positioning

    First Potomac Realty Trust has made big moves to reposition itself in the U.S. capital
  • 7/17/2013

    Capital Access

    REITs using cost of capital advantage.
  • 7/17/2013

    Convertible Preferreds: Something for Everyone

    Use of Preferred Shares.
  • 7/17/2013

    Names To Note

    People making news in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry.
  • 7/17/2013

    Quick Study with Sheridan Titman and Garry Twite

    Sheridan Titman and Garry Twite collaborate in the finance department of the University of Texas at Austin.