Departments: 4 Quick Questions

  • Cliff Majersik

    4 Quick Questions With Cliff Majersik

    "Energy-efficient buildings offer leaders an opportunity to set themselves apart from their competition while maximizing tenant satisfaction."

  • Kenneth Campbell

    Four Quick Questions With CBRE Clarion Securities Co-founder Kenneth Campbell

    Campbell’s latest book, “Watch That Rat Hole and Witness the REIT Revolution,” offers a comprehensive look at the rise of the REIT industry and some of his most important life lessons.

  • Ken Kies

    Four Quick Questions With Federal Policy Group's Ken Kies

    Ken Kies is the managing director of the Federal Policy Group, LLC, which advises clients on tax policy matters before Congress, the Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service and the OECD.

  • Sean Ruhmann

    Four Quick Questions With NEPC's Sean Ruhmann

    "We would view REITs as a good long-term proxy to core real estate."

  • 9/10/2015

    Four Quick Questions With Jim Fetgatter, Chief Executive, AFIRE

    The U.S. is now competing for capital with the rest of the industrialized nations around the world, and FIRPTA puts us in a definite competitive disadvantage.

  • 7/22/2015

    David Kiron of MIT Sloan Management Review’s Big Ideas Initiative

    Sustainability issues are issues that concern everybody. It’s a collective-action problem and it requires a collective-action solution.

  • Mark Decker Jr.

    Four Quick Questions With Mark Decker Jr. of BMO Capital Markets

    "REITs have demonstrated the ability to lead the real estate sector."

  • Scott Schaevitz

    Scott Schaevitz, Co-Head of Americas Real Estate Investment Banking, Barclays

  • Jeremy Banoff

    Jeremy I. Banoff, Senior Managing Director, FPL Associates L.P.

    73 percent of participants in the 2014 NAREIT Compensation Survey expect the size of their company’s workforce to increase overall in 2014 compared to 2013.

  • Peter Verwer, Chief Executive, APREA

    Peter Verwer, Chief Executive, APREA

    "The Asian century is an urban growth century, which makes it a stunning real estate wealth creation opportunity. My priority is to work with APREA’s members to prepare a strategic blueprint that will capture the opportunities offered in the world’s fastest growing economic region."