Departments: From the Chair

  • Thomas J. Baltimore, Jr.

    Nareit's 2018 Priorities

    Everything Nareit does is driven by the reality that REIT-based real estate investment exemplifies real estate working for you—as an investor, as a participant in the global economy and as a member of communities.

  • 10/31/2017

    Real Estate Working For You

    At Nareit, we aim to show how REITs truly represent real estate working for you.

  • Tim Naughton

    The Durability of the REIT Approach to Real Estate Investment

    NAREIT represents REITs in the policymaking process on all levels, but it also helps tell our story to investors, financial analysts, the media and the broader public. 

  • Tim Naughton

    The Evolution of Sustainability in the REIT Industry

    Sustainability now includes the social and governance matters that are receiving a growing amount of attention from boards of directors, investors, equity analysts, the media and other stakeholders.

  • 5/22/2017

    The Importance of IR Outreach

    REITs’ IR professionals must employ an increasingly diverse and complex set of skills to serve an expanding group of stakeholders.

  • 3/21/2017

    Entering a New Era for Tax Reform

    NAREIT has played an instrumental role in advocating for the framework of rules undergirding this thriving industry. That will continue as we enter a new stage in the potential evolution of U.S. tax laws.

  • Tim Naughton

    Unlocking Investment Benefits with REITs

    New research from Wilshire Funds Management illustrates the benefits of REIT dividends for income oriented investment portfolios.

  • Tim Naughton

    REITs With a View

    As the visibility of the industry increases in the wake of Equity REITs moving into the new GICS Real Estate Sector, that aspect of REIT-based real estate investment will take on even greater importance.

  • Ed Fritsch

    What a Difference a Year Makes

    A number of notable developments occurred that should help shape and strengthen the REIT industry in the future.

  • 7/22/2016

    The Link Between Sustainability and Performance

    A growing body of evidence tells us that companies with rigorous environmental, social and governance programs outperform their peers.