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  • DCT Industrial

    Local Markets Drive DCT Industrial

    DCT Industrial’s strategic shift following the recession made all the difference in the company’s growth the past decade.

  • 11/11/2016

    The Industry Outlook From New REIT CEOs

    New REIT CEOs share their perspectives on leadership and their jobs.

  • REIT Volatility

    The REIT View on Volatility

    A new sector for real estate sounds like a prescription for lower REIT volatility and better diversification from the broader market.

  • British Flag

    Brexit and the Aftermath for Property Markets

    The United Kingdom's stunning decision to leave the EU roiled the financial system, but property markets across Europe still look stable.

  • Data Center

    Real Estate in the Digital Age

    Digital Realty is expanding globally as demand for data accelerates.

  • Global REIT Fund roundtable

    Worldwide Opportunity

    Global fund managers offer thoughts on investing in REITs near and far.

  • Sunny Misser

    REITs Looking for Sustainability Standardization, Consultant Says

    Sunny Misser, AccountAbility’s CEO, talked with about the broader trends in corporate responsibility.

  • 7/29/2016

    REIT Reporting Standards for Sustainability Lack Consensus

    For REIT sustainability managers, compliance reporting for a growing number of systems has come down to triage of sorts, with real-estate-specific platforms getting top priority.

  • REITs and green building

    REITs Gone Green

    REITs are showing creative ways to incorporate sustainability into daily operations.

  • Debra Cafaro

    CEO Debra Cafaro Leads The Way at Health Care REIT Ventas

    Ventas defied the odds to become a juggernaut in health care real estate and one of the largest REITs in the U.S.