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Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain's Global Expansion

Business storage REIT Iron Mountain adapts to life in a high-tech world.

Global REITs
European Real Estate Investment Outlook Looks Bright

Europe’s real estate investment climate looks more hospitable today than it did a year ago.

REITs in India
REITs Rising in Asia

A booming middle class is a boon for real estate in Asia.

ESG Reporting Shows Increased Significance for REITs

More companies are broadening their definition of sustainability to include environmental, social and governance  factors, commonly referred to as ESG.

REIT Sustainability Initiatives Reach New Heights

REITs are looking for new and better processes and technologies in their sustainability planning.

Equinix: A Giant Behind the Scenes of the Digital Age

Equinix is the world’s largest data center company, with revenues of $3.6 billion last year and a $33 billion market cap in April.

Single Family Rental Home
REITs Flourishing in Single-Family Home Rental Segment

Single-family rental REITs are solidifying their position in the residential housing sector.

REIT IR Professionals Offer Their Insight on Investor Outreach

REIT IR professionals offer insight into what it takes to keep their companies in touch with the investment community.

REITs Show They Belong as Part of Investment Portfolios

Investors increasingly view REITs as a fundamental part of their portfolios.

Cousins Properties Refocusing on Urban Properties

Office REIT Cousins Properties is looking forward to a bright future refocusing on urban properties.


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