With Martin “Hap” Stein, Jr.

Chairman and CEO, Regency Centers Corporation (NYSE: REG)

Why is now a good time for your company to be focusing on development?

“We feel that with development, which is a core capability that Regency has, we can create high-quality shopping centers at very attractive returns on invested capital. As a matter of fact, these shopping centers would be almost impossible to buy on the open market and a lot more expensive. A key part of our development strategy is using those capabilities on our existing shopping centers, enhancing the value of those through redevelopments.”

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With Wendy Simpson

Chairman, President and CEO, LTC Properties, Inc. (NYSE: LTC)

How is health care reform impacting your business?

“The push to the most cost-efficient level of care is still happening. What we’re looking for in our building and the properties that we’re buying is the newer property, the property that will be the property of choice in the area. We’re looking for the more sophisticated operator in the region, the strongest one with the most associations with the local hospitals and the referral sources.”

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With Jon Bortz

Chairman and CEO, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust (NYSE: PEB)

What’s your outlook for the lodging sector in 2014?

“Fundamentals are really terrific in the hotel industry. We’re at relatively low levels [of supply], well below historical averages. We’ll continue to see occupancies rise across the industry, and that gives us a decent amount of pricing power.”

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