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Nareit 2021 Council

Troy McHenry EVP, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel Healthpeak Properties, Inc. (NYSE: PEAK), Corporate Governance Council Chair

"The council’s principal goals will seek to further enrich the exchange of corporate governance and policy-related information.

The pandemic has brought to the forefront pertinent ESG issues, and related governance practices and compliance matters are more important now than ever. We are also cognizant that a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not necessarily apply given the distinct real estate sectors. Accordingly, our objectives are focused on facilitating the peer exchange of information and initiatives, which could serve as a reference point for REITs as they consider modifications to their governance framework.

Robust REIT governance and effective shareholder and stakeholder engagement—coupled with active oversight by diverse, independent boards—benefit REIT shareholders, workforces, and the communities they serve. In 2021, our council looks forward to supporting corporate governance policies that promote these aims and foster transparent, efficient, and diverse U.S. capital markets."

Ben Myers VP, Sustainability Boston Properties, Inc. (NYSE: BXP), Real Estate Sustainability Council (RESC) Chair

"It is an encouraging time to be leading the sustainability movement as RESC chair. Many of our council members are finding the wind at their backs as stakeholder action on sustainability issues continues to grow in scope and ambition. Leaders like BlackRock are placing sustainability at the center of their investor approach and Microsoft has declared that they will be carbon negative by 2030. Cities are adopting and rapidly advancing energy code updates, carbon performance, and net zero regulations. New federal leadership has vowed to make the environment a priority, and public awareness of sustainability issues has never been greater.

In the coming year, our council will continue to define best practices and share lessons learned across a range of issues, from carbon neutrality, healthy buildings and resilience, to data standards, ESG ratings, and disclosures.

I believe the magnitude of the environmental challenges we face is matched by the ambition and optimism of REITs. We have a responsibility to lead by example, and based on my experience as RESC chair, I am confident that the REIT community is up to the task.”

Carolyn Carter Singh EVP, Chief Talent Officer Brixmor Property Group Inc. (NYSE: BRX), Social Responsibility Council Co-Chair

"The pandemic and the calls for social justice have underlined in a big, bold way the importance and urgency of all that the “S” in ESG encompasses: employee connectivity and engagement, health and safety, growing diversity, enhancing inclusion, and community impact including volunteerism. I am looking forward to working with council co-chair, Colleen McKeown of Prologis, Inc., to make significant strides in 2021.

We’re just getting started but feeling energized that the council is already comprised of 38 of our colleagues who collectively represent every REIT sector. Up first is developing measurable social responsibility initiatives to create systemic improvement in our REIT community. The council affords all of us networking opportunities and necessary resources in the social responsibility arena. Onward!”

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