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  • 11/12/2015

    Apartment Deal to Drive Down CMBS Delinquencies

    Manus Clancy

    Trepp’s Manus Clancy says CMBS loan delinquency rate keeps falling.

  • 11/6/2015

    Four Quick Questions With NEPC's Sean Ruhmann

    Sean Ruhmann

    "We would view REITs as a good long-term proxy to core real estate."

  • 11/5/2015

    Blackstone Deals Top REIT Story of 2015

    David Auerbach

    David Auerbach of Esposito Securities looks back at 2015 and ahead to 2016 in the REIT market.

  • 11/4/2015

    REITs Rethinking Joint Ventures

    In today's market, joint ventures for most REITs represent a cheaper alternative to raising equity.

  • 10/29/2015

    Nobel Prize Winner Alvin Roth Plays the Match Game

    Alvin Roth

    The “Who Gets What—and Why” author takes a deep dive into the discipline of market design and some of its practical applications. 

  • 9/9/2015

    Fund Managers Assess the Global Real Estate Investment Market

    A roundtable with global real estate fund managers looks at rising interest rates and Europe.

  • 9/8/2015

    When is the Next Recession?

    Hans Nordby

    Nobody likes a wet blanket. But the current economic cycle is six years old, and the commercial real estate party has been a raging good time for five years now.

  • 9/8/2015

    Spanning the Globe with Don Hanna of Roubini Global Economics

    Don Hanna

    Don Hanna offers his insights on some of the biggest economic stories from around the world.

  • 9/8/2015

    Sovereign Wealth Funds Play An Increased Role in Real Estate

    Sovereign wealth funds are generating a buzz in REIT land because they’re eager to spend on a scale that makes the market cap of many companies seem modest.

  • 8/24/2015

    American Campus Breaks Ground on 100th Property

    Bill Bayless

    Student housing REIT’s CEO Bill Bayless discusses evolution of student housing sector and changes to come.