Increased Reporting on Non-Financial Information Fueled by Stakeholder Pressure
03/24/2021 | by Sarah Borchersen-Keto

Mneesha Nahata, SVP, legal and sustainability officer at American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT) participated in a video interview in conjunction with REITwise 2021: Nareit’s Law, Accounting & Finance Conference.

Nahata commented on the reporting of non-financial information and why it’s a growing area of focus for companies. She noted that pressure is coming from various stakeholders including stockholders, proxy advisory firms, employees, and policy makers.

“Companies are starting to realize that long-term drivers of success include managing human capital and corporate culture,” Nahata said. She added that tenants also want to do business with companies with strong sustainability practices and are asking more questions about processes and procedures.

Nahata also commented on how American Tower approached the dramatic increase in focus on the S of ESG last year due to the pandemic and social movements.

“We’ve always been focused on the S in ESG but 2020 really highlighted all the efforts and initiatives that companies took across the globe,” Nahata said.

Nahata also commented on the process at American Tower for including the new mandated human capital management in the Form 10-K.

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