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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Grimes: By Planning Ahead, Inland Western Was Able to Mitigate Impact of Retailer Bankruptcies

Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust on handling retailer bankruptcies.

Recently Public Chesapeake Lodging Finding Good Deals and Strong Fundamentals

Chesapeake Lodging has found good deals and strong fundamentals in its first six months.

Weingarten: Value-Oriented Tenants Deliver Positive Results for Shopping Centers

Weingarten Realty Investors has built its value by focusing on value-oriented retail tenants.

Pelts: Opportunities Exist For Value In Public and Private Real Estate Investment

Jim Pelts of William Harris Investors says his firm utilized the arbitrage between the public and private markets.

Cydney Donnell: REITs Are the Best Way to Invest in Real Estate

Cydney Donnell of Texas A&M University shares her views on why REITs are such a valuable investment.

Ren: Full Recovery in CRE Hinges on Job Growth

Morningstar's Jason Ren says a full-on recovery needs job growth first.

Friedman Discusses How a Solid Formula Translates to Success

Jeffrey Friedman of Associated Estates Realty Corp. explains his company's outlook.

The Challenges Facing Private REITs

Broadstone Net Lease's CEO Amy Tait is finding 'gems in the trash.'

Gellerstedt Hoping for Acquisitions in Next Year

Larry Gellerstedt talks about his first year as CEO of Cousins Properties.

Sam Zell Discusses the Fundamentals of the REIT Market

For Sam Zell, the fundamentals still rule the REIT market.

Lodging Sector Looking to Maintain Momentum

FBR Captial Markets' Patrick Sholes discusses how important this summer is for the lodging sector.

Agree Sees "Dramatic Improvement" in Retail Space

Agree Realty Corp. President & COO Joey Agree discusses how his company survived the downturn.

Market Snapshot: July 2010

NAREIT's Brad Case says that two consecutive months of losses don't negate the industry's generally positive performance this year.

REITs Poised to Capitalize Globally, Sumner Says

Patrick Sumner of Henderson Global Investors says REITs are positioned to take advantage of distressed sales.

Investors Learning The Ins And Outs Of Data Center REITs, Fateh Says

Hossein Fateh of DuPont Fabros says investors are warming up to data centers.

Thomas Discusses REITs and Regulators

Lee Thomas of Rayonier Inc. discusses the challenges of managing a timber REIT.

Affordable Housing Demand Rising

Mike Landy of UMH and Monmouth talks about acquisition opportunities and how occupancy is returning to affordable housing sector.

Macnab: Free-Standing, Net-Lease Retail Is A Larger Segment Than Malls and Delivers High Profitability

Net-lease is a profitable space for retailers and has delivered "continued, measured" growth for National Retail Properties.

Ashner: Strong Demand Still Exists for Joint Venture Deals with REITs

Michael Ashner of Winthrop Realty Trust says demand exists for JV deals and the CMBS is essential and will return.

Dean Frankel: Lack of New Supply Encouraging, Favors Apartment Sector

Dean Frankel says the biggest reason for optimism in CRE market is the lack of new supply.