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REITWeek 2010 Recap: Day One

Highlights from the first day of REITWeek 2010®.

Amos Rogers on REITs Bouncing Back

Amos Rogers of The Tuckerman Group analyzes the recent REIT upswing.

BRE's Connie Moore on Apartment Fundamentals

BRE's Moore talks apartment fundamentals and Fannie/Freddie fallout.

Buller: Global REIT Opportunities

Steve Buller of Fidelity discusses the keys to successfully evaluating CRE companies abroad.

Dick Ziman on the Importance of Sustainability

Richard Ziman talks about the importance of energy efficiency and the biggest weakpoint in sustainability efforts.

May/June REIT Magazine Highlighted

The May/June issue of REIT magazine, featuring articles on Tanger, REIT IPOs and CRE derivatives, is profiled.

First Potomac's Doug Donatelli on Acquisition Opportunities

Doug Donatelli of First Potomac Realty Trust looks at the company's acquisition opportunities going forward.

Fraser Huges on the Impact Greece Will Have on European Property Markets

Fraser Hughes of the European Public Real Estate Association offers his thoughts on Greece and the European property markets.

Word on the Beach: May 2010

In the May edition of Word on the Beach, Green Street Advisors' Andy McCulloch looks at apartment sector trends.

Richard Ziman Talks About Going Public Once Again

Richard Ziman talks about his planned blind-pool IPO as well as the Southern California real estate market.

First Potomac's Doug Donatelli on the Washington, D.C. Real Estate Market

Doug Donatelli discusses the advantages of First Potomac Realty Trust's focus on the Washington, D.C. region.

Market Snapshot: May 2010

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at REIT performance over the first four months of 2010 and over the longer term.

Roberto Fitzgerald on the Australian REIT Market

Roberto Fitzgerald of the Property Council of Australia looks at the environment facing Australian REITs.

Guy Metcalfe on the Health of the Real Estate Capital Markets

Morgan Stanley's Guy Metcalfe discusses the health of real estate capital markets.

Don Wood on Retail Fundamentals and Future M&A

Federal Realty's Don Wood discusses retail sector fundamentals as well as his expectations for M&A activity.

Weintrob: Demand is Strong for Well-Structured REIT IPOs

Seth Weintrob of Morgan Stanley says demand is strong for well-structured REIT IPOs and that he expects acquisitions to ramp up.

Jim Thomas on His Company's Pioneering Green Initiatives

Jim Thomas talks about Thomas Properties Group's green initiatives.

Jeff Jacobson on the Health of the Lending Markets for REITs

US Bank SVP Jeff Jacobson talks about the lending market for REITs.

Bob Steers on the Strengths of Listed REITs in the Current Market

Bob Steers looks at REIT IPOs, M&A activity and the advantages listed REITs holds over private alternatives.

Brooks Examines State of Canadian REIT Market

Michael Brooks of REALPAC discusses the current state of the Canadian REIT market and prospects for 2010.