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Tom Lowder on Colonial Properties' Transition

Colonial Properties' Tom Lowder discusses the balance sheet progress made in 2009 and the company's transition to a dedicated multifamily REIT.

Jay Leupp Discusses the REIT Outlook for 2010

Jay Leupp of Grubb & Ellis-Alesco Global Advisors provides his sector-by-sector REIT outlook for 2010.

Sweeney: Liquidity equals value.

Brandywine's Jerry Sweeney says that the market challenges in the commercial real estate space have highlighted that liquidity equals value.

Steve Buller Examines Worldwide Investment Options

Steve Buller of Fidelity Investments offers his outlook on the potential growth in publicly traded real estate investment options worldwide.

Gil Menna Examines New REIT Offerings

Gil Menna with Goodwin Procter explores capital market activity and new REIT offerings.

John Robertson on Market Expectations for Global REITs

John Robertson of RREEF looks at the prospects for the U.S. REIT market as well as his expectations for markets around the world.

Mike Graziano on REIT Volatility

Mike Graziano of Goldman Sachs addresses the recent volatility in the REIT market.

Bob O'Brien on REIT Capital Market Activity

Deloitte's Bob O'Brien looks at the climate for REIT M&A, IPOs and partnerships with investment funds.

Kevin Grant Explains Why He Favors Agency RMBS

Kevin Grant of Cypress Sharpridge Investments explains why his company targets the Agency RMBS market and his outlook going forward. 

Robertson: REITs Should Seek Debt While Available

RREEF's John Robertson advises U.S. REITs to avail themselves of the debt markets while the window is open.

Marty Cicco on REITs and the CRE market.

Marty Cicco looks at the positive role REITs will play in the recovery of the CRE market.

Kevin Riordan on Taking CreXus Public

Kevin Riordan of CreXus Investment Corp. explains the drivers for his company's IPO and the impact the TALF program has had on the market.

Market Snapshot: February 2010

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at the position of REITs within the overall CRE market and discusses how one down month does not impact his longer-term outlook.

Dan Neidich on The Real Estate Roundtable's Policy Initiatives

Chairman Dan Neidich discusses the Real Estate Roundtable's policy initiatives.

Jerry Sweeney on Brandywine's Deleveraging Efforts

Jerry Sweeney of Brandywine Realty Trust discusses the company's deleveraging efforts and its plans for 2010.

Chaim Katzman on Global Acquisition Opportunities

Chaim Katzman of Gazit-Globe looks at the development and acquisition opportunities for his global holdings and when they will improve.

Sturzenegger: IPOs Will Be Dominant REIT Trend in 2010

Ron Sturzenegger of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch says IPOs will be the prevalent trend in the REIT industry in 2010.

Don Suter on Blind-Pool REITs

Don Suter of M3 Capital Partners discusses blind-pool REITs and the market for acquisitions in 2010.

Chaim Katzman on Adapting to a Liquidity Crisis

Gazit-Globe Chairman Chaim Katzman looks at the global economic struggles and how his company adapted to a worldwide liquidity crisis.

The Value of Energy Efficiency for REITs

Roger Platt of the U.S. Green Building Council discusses energy efficiency and the value to REITs and shareholders alike.