Nareit supports and promotes the REIT industry’s adoption of sustainability principles by providing resources for industry stakeholders and disseminating information about oversight, management, tracking, and reporting.

Cover image of the 2024 REIT Industry Sustainability report

REIT Industry Sustainability Report

The 2024 edition of the annual REIT Industry Sustainability Report focuses on progress across the REIT industry in several areas tied to transparency, good governance, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. The report includes data on the public reporting by the top 100 REITs by market capitalization on sustainability topics as well as key insights into the strategy and performance in key areas of focus relevant to a variety of REIT stakeholders.

Building to Zero podcast series

Educational Content

With the goal of communicating the U.S. REIT industry’s ESG impact and progress, Nareit created the ESG Dashboard. Developed in partnership with GeoPhy and updated annually, the ESG Dashboard identifies and tracks company reporting of ESG key performance indicators (KPIs) for the U.S. REIT industry.

Compensation Survey

2023 Nareit Compensation Survey

The most comprehensive real estate survey of its kind, the 2023 Nareit Compensation Survey features compensation data on more than 200 job titles commonly found at REITs and REOCs.

Additional Resources

Over the years, Nareit has produced reports, dashboards, and guides for REITs as they embarked on their sustainability journey as a company. Access archived materials from 2019 through present day.

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