NAREIT publishes a number of publications for members as well as the broader investment community. Among these publications are the bi-monthly REIT magazine, the daily executive news summary, Real Estate Investment SmartBrief, a variety of electronic member newsletters and additional informational materials.

REIT Magazine: NAREIT's bi-monthly magazine is the source for information on REITs and real estate information. The magazine is available in print and digital format.

Real Estate Investment SmartBrief: This daily executive news briefing offers summaries of the day's most important headlines. Published in conjunction with SmartBrief.

REITWatch: A monthly statistical publication.

Member Newsletters: NAREIT publishes a variety of member-only e-newsletters to keep members apprised of key news, current events and important developments in the REIT industry.

REITWay®: NAREIT's annual report.


Informational Publications:

NAREIT also publishes a number of materials designed to educate its membership and the investment community at large about real estate investment through REITs, as well as industry trends and other important issues.

Member Directory: The online NAREIT member directory is a convenient resource for contact information for the REITs - public and private - as well as publicly traded real estate companies and Individual Members that comprise NAREIT's membership. Company listings contain address information, ticker symbol and website address. The index section lists companies by sector affiliation.

Frequently Asked Questions About REITs: A primer for investors that highlights the fundamentals of REIT investing, while providing industry information designed to introduce important concepts such as types of REITs, management structures and measures of financial performance.

The Investor's Guide to REITs: NAREIT's introductory guide to the real estate investment trust industry.

Which Type of REIT is Right for You?: What is the difference between public REITs, non-traded REITs, and private REITs? Use this clear and concise chart for a direct comparison between the different types of REITs to find out which is right for you.

REITs—By the Numbers: The REIT investment proposition told in a series of infographics. Presenting a snapshot of the current REIT industry, this brochure is perfectly suited as an educational "pass along" piece to clients, prospective investors or anyone with general questions about the industry.

REITWise Sourcebook: The REITWise Sourcebook is updated every year to coincide with REITWise, NAREIT's Law, Accounting & Finance Conference, and provides a substantial amount of data and information (over 1,500 pages), including all the presentations, handouts and additional materials used to convey knowledge and share information between speakers and attendees while at the event. The Sourcebook is available at no charge to all to REITWise conference registrants. Those who were not able to attend the conference may purchase access to this valuable resource.

NAREIT Compensation Survey: With participation by 113 REITs and real estate companies, NAREIT‘s 2012 Compensation Survey provides our most comprehensive summary of annual compensation data covering 108 employment positions - the largest number of positions in the Survey‘s history. On an aggregate basis, the participating companies represent approximately 80 percent of the total capitalization in the publicly traded, U.S. real estate investment trust industry, truly making this survey representative of the overall market.

NAREIT Insurance Survey: The NAREIT Insurance Survey provides comprehensive information on the various coverage programs and policies undertaken by industry REIT organizations.