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Nareit’s Governance Committee is in the process of identifying appropriate candidates for Nareit’s Executive Board and Advisory Board of Governors. The Nareit Advisory Board of Governors supports the Nareit Executive Board, which is Nareit’s governing body.

Consistent with Nareit’s Bylaws, Nareit is canvassing the entire membership for recommendations; all members are eligible. Members of the Executive Board and Advisory Board of Governors must commit to participate in and provide support to Nareit through their elected term, including reasonable efforts to attend meetings and to assist Nareit’s policy, political, and investor outreach initiatives.

Through its nominations process, the Governance Committee will develop a slate of candidates to serve as Nareit officers (Chair, Vice Chairs, and Treasurer), as elected members of the Executive Board, as members of the Advisory Board of Governors, and as members of the Audit & Investment Committee. In undertaking its responsibilities, the Governance Committee also strives to ensure that the Executive Board and the Advisory Board of Governors are diverse and representative of geographical dispersion, asset size, property type, and structural configuration of Nareit member companies.

As a matter of practice, the Nareit Governance Committee especially seeks candidates not currently serving on the board. A current list of both the Executive Board and Advisory Board of Governors can be found at reit.com.

The 2022 Governance Committee consists of the following individuals:

Marguerite M. Nader (Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc.)

H. Eric Bolton, Jr. (MAA)
Tamara D. Fischer (National Storage Affiliates)
Lisa L. Kaufman (LaSalle Investment Management Securities)
Sumit Roy (Realty Income Corporation)

Please submit recommendations by Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022, to Nareit CEO Steve Wechsler; Senior Manager, ESG Issues Allison Shaw; or one of the members of the Governance Committee.

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