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Nareit’s REITworld: 2022 Annual Conference convened nearly 1,300 REIT industry professionals and investors Nov. 15–17 in San Francisco. The three-day program featured a mix of individual meetings between REITs, investors, and analysts; networking opportunities; and educational sessions about the top issues and trends affecting REITs and publicly traded real estate companies.

Jim Risoleo Accepts Award
Nareit CEO Steve Wechsler (left) and 2023 Chair Lisa Palmer (Regency Centers Corporation; right) present Jim Risoleo (center), president and CEO of Host Hotels & Resorts, with Nareit’s 2022 Industry Leadership Award.

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Investment affairs: REITs are an increasing and critical component of real estate portfolio completion strategies

Investment Affairs Update Panel

During the opening investment affairs panel, Nareit’s investment affairs team examined how public and private real estate may be used as complements to diversify real estate allocations. Using the results of Nareit-sponsored research papers by Morningstar Associates and Chatham Partners, the investment affairs team explained that financial advisors understand the importance of meaningful REIT allocations, what that allocation may be, and how REITs complement private real estate allocations. The team also highlighted findings from Nareit’s Quick Facts Guide which dispute myths about REITs and helps financial advisors educate individual investors.

San Francisco mayor: Commercial real estate is critical to San Francisco’s revitalization

San Francisco Mayor London Breed kicked off the conference by discussing the city’s resiliency. In her remarks, she stressed the importance of commercial real estate and the business community to the city’s rejuvenation. Mayor Breed underscored this point by noting that companies are expanding their staff and investing in San Francisco real estate. She also discussed how the government is helping bring the city back by leaning on innovation to make room for industries like clean energy and biotech and implementing infrastructure projects that will increase accessibility.

Investors’ outlook: REITs need to be nimble, calm, and ready to change course

In an educational session focusing on investors’ perspectives on REITs and the economy, industry experts emphasized that REITs need to be nimble amid economic uncertainty while discussing key issues, including M&A trends, the opportunities and challenges facing different sectors, and why liquidity, scale, and adaptability are critical for REITs. Learn more about key takeaways from the panelists.

Washington, D.C. update: Bipartisan efforts will be critical for legislation to pass

Activities in Washington affect all industries and bipartisan efforts are more critical than ever, explained Nareit’s Policy and Public Affairs team during a panel focusing on the 2022 and 2023 legislative outlook. During this balanced panel discussion, the team discussed the 2022 midterm election results, delved into issues that republicans and democrats are focused on, and explained how the Pandemic Relief Insurance Act and green energy incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act will affect REITs.

Economic outlook: Historically REITs provide some protection during inflation

Economic Update Panel

REITs performance before, during, and after a recession took center stage during this engaging discussion featuring Nareit’s Research and Investor Outreach team. The panelists showcased analysis, demonstrating that REITs tend to outperform private real estate during and coming out of a recession. The team also discussed economic risks and uncertainties for 2022 and 2023—including wage pressure, housing affordability, and the key trends to watch.

Fireside chat: Extreme monetary policy contributed to the current economic state

Randall Kroszner Panel

Nareit’s Executive Vice President of Research & Investor Outreach John Worth led a discussion with Randall Kroszner, former governor at the Federal Reserve, about the U.S. and global economy. Kroszner explained why extreme monetary policy, excess reserves, and changes in supply and demand have been contributing factors to the current economic environment. He also offered insights on COVID’s effects on the labor market, how younger workers’ interests are shifting from finance to entrepreneurship, and aging populations around the world. Learn more about key takeaways from Kroszner.

ESG update: The number of REITs with dedicated ESG staff and teams is growing

In this engaging discussion, Nareit’s ESG experts offered an overview of Nareit’s ESG initiatives, events, and resources. Panelists highlighted data from Nareit’s ESG Dashboard, which shows among other things that the number of REITs with dedicated ESG staff is growing. The panel also discussed findings from the 2022 Nareit Workforce Development & DEI Survey, which shows that an increasing number of women are serving in executive leadership roles or as board directors. On the governance side, the panelists provided an overview of SEC rulemaking, new corporate governance developments, and 2023 proxy season trends.

REITworld is the top event for REIT executives and investors to convene, hear from experts about current industry trends, and to learn what’s ahead. This year’s event was sponsored by 25 industry providers. First-time sponsors include Colliers, Co-Star, Global Roofing Supply, Hunton, i-360 and Yardi.

The 2023 conference will take place in Los Angeles Nov. 14-16. Sign up for conference updates and be the first to find out when registration opens.

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