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Matt Bechard
REIT Magazine Reader Survey

1,000 readers of REIT magazine with a range of job functions and perspectives on the industry were surveyed.

EDR CEO Randy Chuchey
One-On-One With EdR CEO Randy Churchey

EdR and its CEO Randy Churchey play a key role in remaking the student housing business.

Tim Naughton
The Durability of the REIT Approach to Real Estate Investment

NAREIT represents REITs in the policymaking process on all levels, but it also helps tell our story to investors, financial analysts, the media and the broader public. 

Names to note
Names to Note

People making news in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry.

Michael Wilkins
S&P’s Michael Wilkins on the Transparency of Green Investment

REIT magazine spoke with Wilkins about the growing demand for green projects and how they’re being financed, as well as how S&P’s new service aims to help assess the environmental quality of these projects.

Sustainability: Together and Now
Sustainability: Together and Now

As commercial real estate owners, we have an important role to play in contributing solutions to environmental challenges.

Retail REITs in Adaptation Mode

Negative news about store closings have cast a shadow over the business of retail REITs. But regional mall and shopping center REITs face the challenge with an air of resilience and, for some, even optimism.

ESG Reporting Shows Increased Significance for REITs

More companies are broadening their definition of sustainability to include environmental, social and governance  factors, commonly referred to as ESG.

Sustainability Issues Are Important to Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors weigh in on the sustainability issues of importance to them.

Dynex Capital
Dynex Gets Defensive to Tackle Interest Rate Risk

The Mortgage REIT has taken a more defensive posture as the company looks to secure itself against potential volatility caused by Federal Reserve rate hikes and global policy shifts.