REIT Magazine Articles

  • 9/8/2015

    Sovereign Wealth Funds Play An Increased Role in Real Estate

    Sovereign wealth funds are generating a buzz in REIT land because they’re eager to spend on a scale that makes the market cap of many companies seem modest.
  • 7/24/2015

    Real Estate Companies are Investing in Green Technologies

    Those tracking REIT sustainability will find hard evidence of the benefits flowing through to companies.
  • 7/24/2015

    Premier Projects from Real Estate Sustainability Leaders

    REIT magazine highlights some of the 2014 Leader in the Light Awards honorees' marquee sustainability projects and initiatives.
  • 7/23/2015

    Investors Driving Change in Sustainability Reporting

    REITs are working with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board to help investors who want to see sustainability reporting beefed up.
  • 7/23/2015

    The Importance of Pacing

    One of the first lessons all endurance runners learn is the importance of pacing.
  • 7/22/2015

    PACE Financing Could Accelerate Financing Sustainability Projects

    PACE financing could become an accelerator for financing sustainability projects.
  • 7/22/2015

    David Kiron of MIT Sloan Management Review’s Big Ideas Initiative

    Sustainability issues are issues that concern everybody. It’s a collective-action problem and it requires a collective-action solution.
  • 7/21/2015

    Tenant Star Enhancing Commercial Buildings' Energy Efficiency

    Tenant Star is the latest major program aimed at enhancing commercial buildings’ energy efficiency.
  • 7/21/2015

    Perspective is Needed in the Investment World

    It is intrinsic value that will drive the prices of REIT stocks over any meaningful time horizon.
  • 7/21/2015

    TIER REIT Looking to Move to the Next Level

    TIER REIT, a public non-listed REIT, has emerged from a multi-year rebranding process.