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A three-panel headshot of Taylor Pickett, Gary Shiffman and Jerry Sweeney.

Taylor Pickett
President and CEO
Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.

"We signed the CEO Action Pledge because we wholeheartedly agree with both [CEO Action's] goal as well as the manner in which they are seeking to achieve it. We believe that a diverse workforce results in a broader range of perspectives, leading to better decisions and ultimately a more successful enterprise. What attracted us to the pledge was the collaborative, transparent, and open-minded way they were approaching this goal.The ability to share best practices and resources with companies at different places in their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey made a lot of sense and appealed to our belief that this is not a competition and that we will achieve more if we work together."

Gary Shiffman
Chairman and CEO
Sun Communities, Inc.

"The CEO Action Pledge is a way for companies to come together to demonstrate the importance of advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. My goal with signing this pledge is to inspire our industry, peers, and other sectors to unify for a better tomorrow. I am doing my part to bring about meaningful change, both personally and for our company. Sun is striving to be an informed leader for this transformation. It is crucial we provide our team the forum to have the necessary conversations to learn from one another. We provide educational resources for all, creating a solid foundation for change, and participation in the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge has provided a great deal of helpful resources to expand our educational tools. Not only is it important for us to create a path to a diverse workforce within our own company, but it's crucial that we make constant strides toward a more equitable future free of injustices for all."

Jerry Sweeney
President and CEO
Brandywine Realty Trust

"Since our founding over 25 years ago, Brandywine has led with integrity in all our endeavors. It's one of our core principles that has guided us through developing new city skylines, and investing in programs that create healthier, more equitable communities. We have an uncompromising commitment to excellence — from how we treat our employees, vendors, tenants, and partners, to how we build and manage our properties. It's why we didn't hesitate to sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge. We believe in its mission and its ability to create meaningful change; and we know that with inclusion at the core of our culture, we will only create better workplaces and communities for all. We've seen remarkable progress, as exemplified by the hundreds of great leaders who have signed the pledge, to promote solutions that are more equitable and just, and we are delighted to join a cause that can change the trajectory of our country's future."

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