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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

January/February 2015

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The road ahead
Leaders Looking Ahead

For a close-up view of how REITs intend to navigate the next 12 months, REIT magazine assembled a roundtable of REIT CEOs to discuss their areas of focus for 2015, industry trends, debt financing and competition from private players.

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David Neithercut
Taking Stock

Real Estate Re-Classified

Matt Bechard
Editor's Desk

Knowing What We Know (and Don’t)

Scott Schaevitz
4 Quick Questions

Scott Schaevitz, Co-Head of Americas Real Estate Investment Banking, Barclays

Ric Campo

Bringing the Super Bowl to his hometown and designing cutting-edge apartments are part of the job for Camden Property Trust’s Ric Campo.

Robert Zoellick
Capital Markets

Talking Lessons Learned with Former World Bank Head Robert Zoellick

Office scene
Sector Spotlight

Changing Tenant Space Needs Shaping Office Development

Urstadt Biddle
REIT Snapshot

Urstadt Biddle’s Roots Provide Basis for Growth

Names to Note

Names to Note

Population chart
In Closing

Apartment Demand: Better, But Different, Than You Thought