News by Topic : Capital markets

  • 1/4/2018

    2018 Return Expectations for REITs

    For REIT investors 2017 turned out to be a very normal year—but that was a huge disappointment given the “irrational exuberance” that investors in some other parts of the stock market enjoyed. So how can we develop empirically-based REIT return expectations for 2018?

  • 12/19/2017

    Are You Worried About Inflation?

    Concern is growing among some investors that tight labor markets may trigger an increase in price inflation. 

  • 12/14/2017

    S&P Analyst Expects REIT Capital Raising to Slow in 2018

    Keven Lindemann says ESG and technology advances will be key trends to watch next year.


  • 12/14/2017

    What to Watch in the Economy and Real Estate Markets in 2018

    The macroeconomy and real estate markets had a good performance in 2017. That may well continue into 2018, but there are several risks that might cause a change in the outlook.

  • 12/7/2017

    Cap Rates Hold their Ground as Interest Rates Move Higher

    Cap rates have been holding their ground, even as interest rates move higher. The resilience of pricing in the real estate sector should not be surprising, however, given the strength in the fundamentals that support demand for commercial space.

  • 12/5/2017

    Neuberger Berman Fund Manager Sees Fundamental Support for Global Real Estate

    Steve Shigekawa says REITs undervalued in current market.

  • 10/30/2017

    Cornell’s Eva Steiner on REIT Capital Structures

    "We find that the use of unsecured debt by REIT managers is associated with lower leverage and higher remaining debt capacity. This improves financial flexibility and supports firm value."

  • 10/25/2017

    The Changing World of Retail

    As a portfolio manager with LaSalle Investment Management, Lisa Kaufman is responsible for managing separate account portfolios of public North American property companies and the North American portion of LaSalle Securities’ global securities portfolio accounts.

  • 10/25/2017

    Investment Bankers Say REIT Outlook Remains Healthy

    REIT magazine spoke with bankers to gauge their outlooks for the real estate market in the coming year. 

  • 10/25/2017

    Are REITs’ Negative Price Response to Interest Rate Increases Justified?

    REIT share prices have often responded negatively to rising interest rates, at least since 2013. Is this warranted by the outlook for their future earnings?