News by Topic : Capital markets

  • 7/8/2016

    Investors Looking for Real Estate Deals in U.K. After Brexit

    Jahn Brodwin

    Jahn Brodwin of FTI Consulting says the fallout from the U.K. vote in favor of leaving the European Union means "London is on sale."

  • 6/30/2016

    Negative Interest Rates Impacting REIT Financing, Chatham Financial Says

    Chatham Financial’s Laura Grant also looks at impact of pending FASB rule changes.

  • 6/30/2016

    Modest Pickup in REIT IPO Activity Possible, Investment Banker Says

    Capital One’s Greg Steele sees additional public to private M&As.

  • 6/24/2016

    Mortgage Lending Key to Outlook for Multifamily REITs

    Britton Costa

    Britton Costa of Fitch Ratings says credit markets are a key driver multifamily operating performance.

  • 6/7/2016

    Look for Inaugural Debt Issuance by REITs in Second Half, Mark Says

    Steve Marks

    Steven Marks of Fitch Ratings on REITs' access to capital and the potential for mergers and acquisitions.

  • 5/24/2016

    Facts on ETFs, GICS Changes

    Dave Nadig

    Dave Nadig spoke with REIT magazine about the market for ETFs and the implications of the GICS move for listed REITs and real estate companies on the buy side of the investing industry.

  • 4/28/2016

    Steers Looks Back at Formation of First Real Estate Securities Fund

    Bob Steers

    Cohen & Steers CEO recalls “brutal” fund launch and looks ahead to future of REITs.

  • 4/7/2016

    Capital Market Volatility to Continue, Goldman Sachs Banker Says

    Neil Wolitzer of Goldman Sachs says privatization activity likely to be limited.

  • 4/7/2016

    CDT Sees Record Capital Deployment, Dividends in 2015

    CDT’s John Divers says need for affordable housing continues to grow.

  • 3/30/2016

    New Lenders Stepping Up to Refinance Debt

    Anup Agarwal

    Anup Agarwal of Western Asset Management Company discusses the impending wave of commercial mortgage debt maturities and how the financial markets are reacting.