News by Topic : Global investing

  • 9/11/2015

    Confidence Still High in Australian Real Estate

    Q&A with PCA Chief Executive Ken Morrison

  • 9/10/2015

    Westfield: Changing the Face of Retail


    Westfield focuses on flagship stores in flagship assets.

  • 9/10/2015

    Coming Soon? REITs in India and China

    Opening Doors to REITs in China and India.

  • 9/10/2015

    Four Quick Questions With Jim Fetgatter, Chief Executive, AFIRE

    The U.S. is now competing for capital with the rest of the industrialized nations around the world, and FIRPTA puts us in a definite competitive disadvantage.

  • 9/9/2015

    Fund Managers Assess the Global Real Estate Investment Market

    A roundtable with global real estate fund managers looks at rising interest rates and Europe.

  • 9/9/2015

    Fibra Inn: Riding the Mexican Wave of Foreign Investment

    Oscar Calvillo

    Fibra Inn creates cohesion in Mexico’s fragmented business hotel sector.

  • 8/20/2015

    How Devaluing the Yuan Could Affect U.S. REITs

    Rodney Ramcharan

    Rodney Ramcharan of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate explains potential implications of China’s currency devaluation on the real estate market.

  • 7/15/2015

    BlackRock CIO Highlights Global Real Estate Diversification Benefits

    Fund manager Sherry Rexroad says monetary policy exerting significant influence around the world.

  • 7/1/2015

    Fibras Adopting REIT Best Practices, Analyst Says

    David de la Rosa

    David de la Rosa of Green Street Advisors on the development of Mexican REITs.

  • 6/30/2015

    Gramercy Hits Milestone With Investment-Grade Rating

    Gordon DuGan

    CEO Gordon DuGan says long-term financing a key to company’s future success.