News by Topic : Industry performance

  • 1/18/2018

    Economists See Strong U.S. Fundamentals Boding Well For Real Estate

    U.S. real estate likely will continue to benefit from strong fundamentals, but the high valuations of properties across all sectors will make it harder this year to see any big gains in prices, according to Nareit’s recent conversations with a group of five leading economists.

  • 1/9/2018

    mREITs Lead U.S. REIT Market’s Gains in 2017

    mREITs led the performance of the overall U.S. REIT market in 2017, with the FTSE Nareit Mortgage REITs Index delivering a 19.79 percent total return for the year

  • 1/8/2018

    Portfolio Manager Favors Single-Family Rental, Manufactured Home REITs

    Arthur Hurley

    Columbia Threadneedle’s Arthur Hurley expects wide performance differences between REIT sectors in 2018.

  • 1/5/2018

    What Will Have the Biggest Impact on REIT Performance in 2018? Investors Respond to a Nareit Survey

    We decided to turn the tables and ask investors and other readers of the Nareit News Digest for their views on what will have the greatest impact on REIT share performance in 2018.

  • 1/4/2018

    2018 Return Expectations for REITs

    For REIT investors 2017 turned out to be a very normal year—but that was a huge disappointment given the “irrational exuberance” that investors in some other parts of the stock market enjoyed. So how can we develop empirically-based REIT return expectations for 2018?

  • 1/3/2018

    Fitch Analyst Expects Solid Occupancy Rates for REITs in 2018

    Fitch's Steven Marks discusses trends in REIT borrowing.

  • 1/3/2018

    FTSE Nareit All REITs Index Down 0.1% in December

    REITs return 9.3 percent in 2017.

  • 12/20/2017

    REITs Outperforming Sector’s Long-Term Average in 2017

    Infrastructure, data center REITs some of the strongest performers.

  • 12/19/2017

    Are You Worried About Inflation?

    Concern is growing among some investors that tight labor markets may trigger an increase in price inflation. 

  • 12/7/2017

    Cap Rates Hold their Ground as Interest Rates Move Higher

    Cap rates have been holding their ground, even as interest rates move higher. The resilience of pricing in the real estate sector should not be surprising, however, given the strength in the fundamentals that support demand for commercial space.