News by Topic : Industry performance

  • 9/1/2016

    REITs Dip in August

    REITs continue to outpace broader market year-to-date.

  • 8/24/2016

    Fundamentally Speaking: T-Tracker Shows Good Operating Performance by REITs in Q2

    NAREIT’s Calvin Schnure says occupancy rates at record highs.

  • 8/9/2016

    Veteran REIT Observer Sees Continued Growth for Industry

    Ken Campbell says modern REIT industry has “tamed” the real estate cycle.

  • 8/4/2016

    Market Cycle Bolstering Real Estate Values

    Brad Case

    NAREIT’s Brad Case on the PureProperty Index’s performance in July.

  • 8/3/2016

    Brexit Vote Doesn’t Slow REITs

    Brad Case

    NAREIT’s Brad Case says conditions continue to improve for U.S. real estate investors.

  • 8/2/2016

    REIT Continue to Beat S&P 500 in 2016

    REITs still attracting investors searching for yield.

  • 7/22/2016

    Industrial REITs Still Gaining from e-Commerce, Trader Says

    David Auerbach

    Look for consolidation to come in the single-family housing sector, according to David Auerbach of Esposito Securities.

  • 7/21/2016

    Disclosure: Assess Quantity Versus Quality

    Effective investor messaging constinues to grow in importance as the success of the REIT sector attracts new investors.

  • 7/21/2016

    REITs “Appropriately Valued” Versus Equities and Bonds, Analyst Says

    Stifel Nicolaus’ John Guinee sees focus on REITs with consistent earnings and dividend growth.

  • 7/14/2016

    PGIM Portfolio Manager Sees Disconnect in REIT Stock Prices

    Rick Romano

    PGIM’s Rick Romano says real estate cycle still has room to run.