News by Topic : Industry performance

  • 10/2/2017

    FTSE Nareit All REITs Index Down 0.6% in September

    Real estate fundamentals remain unchanged, according to analysts.

  • 9/25/2017

    A Comparison of U.S. and Global REIT Returns

    Investments from listed property companies in emerging markets have been especially strong over the past year, according to the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate Index Series.  Over longer historical periods, however, risk-adjusted returns from listed U.S. equity REITs have outpaced those from listed real estate in both emerging markets and non-U.S. developed markets.

  • 9/21/2017

    How do REITs Work?

    This whiteboard video provides insight into what REITs are and how they work. Watch the video to learn more about the rules that govern REITs and how they operate. 
  • 9/19/2017

    4 Quick Questions with Dominique Moerenhout, CEO of European Public Real Estate Association

    Dominique Moerenhout

    EPRA's main priority at present is the reduction of the capital requirements under the European Solvency II regulations.

  • 9/19/2017

    Looking Carefully at the Current Real Estate Market Cycle

    The current bull market for exchange-listed equity REITs has rewarded investors with returns averaging more than 21% per year over the past 8½ years—but by the standards of previous real estate market cycles this one has not even hit its stride yet.

  • 9/15/2017

    Neuberger Berman Portfolio Manager: REITs Best Way to Build Global Real Estate Portfolio

    Gillian Tiltman

    REITs are “bricks and mortar with liquidity,” according to Neuberger Berman’s Tiltman.

  • 9/7/2017

    FTSE Russell Elevating Real Estate to Headline Industry

    Change to take effect at beginning of 2019.

  • 9/6/2017

    How Do Market Interest Rates Affect REIT Returns?

     An increase in interest rates might be cause for concern if it were predicted to come with no accompanying increase in net operating income—but it’s those changes in net operating income, not the interest rates themselves, that should attract the closest attention of investors in any equity asset such as real estate.

  • 9/1/2017

    FTSE NAREIT All REITs Index Up 0.6% in August

    FTSE NAREIT All REITs Index Up 0.6% in August

    Industrial, infrastructure and data center REIT returns outpace market. 

  • 8/29/2017

    Mortgage REITs Combine Current Income, Long-term Total Return and Portfolio Diversification

    Mortgage REITs are an investment in real estate finance that combine high current income with long-term total return and portfolio diversification. MREITs have delivered a 21.2 percent total return over the past year, outpacing most other investments over this period.