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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Market Snapshot: July 2010

NAREIT's Brad Case says that two consecutive months of losses don't negate the industry's generally positive performance this year.

REITs Poised to Capitalize Globally, Sumner Says

Patrick Sumner of Henderson Global Investors says REITs are positioned to take advantage of distressed sales.

Market Snapshot: REIT Returns Fall in June

Despite a dip in returns in June, REITs continued to outpace the broader market.

REITs Reversing Course on Dividends in 2010

Data show REITs are beginning to raise dividends after cuts in 2009.

Thomas Discusses REITs and Regulators

Lee Thomas of Rayonier Inc. discusses the challenges of managing a timber REIT.

Dean Frankel: Lack of New Supply Encouraging, Favors Apartment Sector

Dean Frankel says the biggest reason for optimism in CRE market is the lack of new supply.

Brown: Heading to Period Where CRE Demand Exceeds Supply

Portfolio manager Steve Brown says public REITs are the place to invest and that he is excited about market prospects.


Professor David Shulman grades REITs on their performance during the economic downturn.


Francis Salway of Land Securities Group discusses the optimism around the UK office market.


Rich Moore of RPC Capital Markets examines the retail and hotel sectors.


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