News by Topic : Investment news

  • 7/22/2013

    A Cycle of Recycling

    In the Know/Know How

  • 7/17/2013

    Capital Access

    REITs using cost of capital advantage.

  • 7/17/2013

    Convertible Preferreds: Something for Everyone

    Use of Preferred Shares.

  • 7/16/2013

    Associated Estates Ready for West Coast Development

    CEO Jeff Friedman says apartments can benefit from single-family recovery.

  • 7/3/2013

    Podcast: Haendel St. Juste of Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley's Haendel St. Juste on the recent REIT sell-off.

  • 6/28/2013

    Podcast: Greg Williams of KPMG

    KPMG's Greg Williams on the commercial real estate market outlook.

  • 6/26/2013

    REITs on the Rebound Following Liquidity Crisis, Titman Says

    A University of Texas professor discusses his research.

  • 6/18/2013

    Asian Markets Remain Active, Schwartz Says

    Chairman of Global Logistic analyzes business in China, Japan.

  • 6/13/2013

    Taubman Centers Looking to Asia for Growth

    CEO Bobby Taubman details company's healthy performance.

  • 6/12/2013

    Podcast: Steadfast Income REIT

    Interview with Steadfast Income REIT President Ella Shaw Neyland