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Independent third-party research conducted recently highlighted the importance of including REITs as a distinct asset allocation in various investment portfolios. Spotlight: REITs' History of Outperformance

Brad Case compares REITs to other commercial real estate investments.

2010 NAREIT Compensation Survey

Jeremy Banoff of FPL Associates discusses NAREIT's annual compensation survey for 2010.

REIT Market Snapshot: Yielding to Future Returns

REIT investors are likely valuing REIT stocks based on expected future earnings and favorable acquisition opportunities.

Verwer: Australian REITs Have Reinvented Themselves

Australian REITs have reinvented themselves over the past two years, says Peter Verwer, chief executive of the Property Council of Australia.

Floyd: Favorable Outlook for European Listed Real Estate Market, REITs

4IP Management's Claudia Reich Floyd says liquidity is attracting European institutions to the REIT market.

Gladstone: Diversified Tenant Base Buffers Real Estate Downturn

For Gladstone Commercial Corporation, having a diversified tenant base kept occupancy around 97% during downturn.

Going Public Fuels Cogdell Spencer's Expansion in Medical Office Market

Cogdell Spencer's decision to go public expanded its access to capital and fueled its growth as a leading medical office player.

Kite Realty Eyes Retail Development Renewal

Kite Realty's John Kite says now that fundamentals are improving, his company is once again eyeing development.

Shah: Lingering Debt Questions Could Slowdown Transaction Volume and Price Appreciation

Hersha Hospitality's Jay Shah says lingering debt market questions may impact transaction volume and price appreciation well into 2011.

No Tenant Bankruptcies and Improved Retail Fundamentals Has REIT CEO Michael Glimcher Very Optimistic

With no '10 tenant bankruptcies and fundamentals up, Glimcher Realty's Michael Glimcher is more optimistic than ever.

Hudgins: Institutions in Search of Liquidity and Global Diversification are Eyeing REITs

Michael Hudgins says institutions in search of liquidty and diversification are heading to REITs.

REIT Management's Acumen Key To Creating Shareholder Value

Driven by stellar management, REITs are primed to outperform.

Grimes: By Planning Ahead, Inland Western Was Able to Mitigate Impact of Retailer Bankruptcies

Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust on handling retailer bankruptcies.

Recently Public Chesapeake Lodging Finding Good Deals and Strong Fundamentals

Chesapeake Lodging has found good deals and strong fundamentals in its first six months.

Weingarten: Value-Oriented Tenants Deliver Positive Results for Shopping Centers

Weingarten Realty Investors has built its value by focusing on value-oriented retail tenants.

Pelts: Opportunities Exist For Value In Public and Private Real Estate Investment

Jim Pelts of William Harris Investors says his firm utilized the arbitrage between the public and private markets.

Cydney Donnell: REITs Are the Best Way to Invest in Real Estate

Cydney Donnell of Texas A&M University shares her views on why REITs are such a valuable investment.

Ren: Full Recovery in CRE Hinges on Job Growth

Morningstar's Jason Ren says a full-on recovery needs job growth first.

Friedman Discusses How a Solid Formula Translates to Success

Jeffrey Friedman of Associated Estates Realty Corp. explains his company's outlook.