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Neithercut: Job Growth Could Lead To Best-Ever Market for Apartment Fundamentals

David Neithercut of Equity Residential looks at apartment fundamentals and how job growth could create an unprecedented opportunity.

Frankel: Bifurcation in Lending Market Still Exists

Ratings outlook and lending environment update for listed REITs.

Kirk: Self Storage Proves Resiliency, More Assets to be Held in Public Market

Extra Space CEO Spencer Kirk hails the resiliency of the self storage space.

Mueller: Occupancy and Rent Growth to be Seen in Industrial Sector First

Glenn Mueller says he does not expect a double-dip recession and that recovery will likely be seen in the industrial sector initially.

AMB's Guy Jaquier on Industrial Prospects in Europe and China

AMB's Guy Jaquier looks at industrial prospects in Europe and China, as well as the company's private capital operations.

NYSE's Bohlert on REIT IPOs

Ronald Bohlert of NYSE Euronext analyzes the benefits of the public form of commercial real estate investment.

Steven Marks Says Corporate Governance Matters in Evaluating Listed REITs

Steven Marks of Fitch Ratings weighs in on REIT corporate governance.

Decker: Liquidity, Transparency and Governance Favor Listed REITs

Robert W. Baird's Mark Decker Sr. talks about looming debt maturities, value of at-the-market offerings and the strength of listed REITs.

David Simon Discusses Retail Fundamentals And Driving Growth Going Forward

Simon Property Group's David Simon talks about retail fundamentals, reviews the company's global operations and where he expects growth to come from.

Cafaro: Health Care Fundamentals Receive Positive Prognosis

Ventas' Debra Cafaro on health care reform, sector fundamentals and maintaining long-term growth.

AvalonBay's Bryce Blair on Development After the Downturn

Bryce Blair of AvalonBay discusses new development after the downturn.

REITWeek 2010: Day Two Recap
Highlights from day two at REITWeek 2010®.
Cooper: Retail REIT Outlook

Talking retail and REITs with Kimco's Milton Cooper.

REITWeek 2010 Recap: Day One

Highlights from the first day of REITWeek 2010®.

Amos Rogers on REITs Bouncing Back

Amos Rogers of The Tuckerman Group analyzes the recent REIT upswing.

BRE's Connie Moore on Apartment Fundamentals

BRE's Moore talks apartment fundamentals and Fannie/Freddie fallout.

Buller: Global REIT Opportunities

Steve Buller of Fidelity discusses the keys to successfully evaluating CRE companies abroad.

Dick Ziman on the Importance of Sustainability

Richard Ziman talks about the importance of energy efficiency and the biggest weakpoint in sustainability efforts.

May/June REIT Magazine Highlighted

The May/June issue of REIT magazine, featuring articles on Tanger, REIT IPOs and CRE derivatives, is profiled.

First Potomac's Doug Donatelli on Acquisition Opportunities

Doug Donatelli of First Potomac Realty Trust looks at the company's acquisition opportunities going forward.