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Hilton's Chris Nassetta Discusses Public-Private Real Estate Dynamics

Hilton Worldwide CEO Chris Nassetta looks at the public-private real estate dynamic.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Gil Menna of Goodwin Procter LLP

Goodwin Procter's Gil Menna says the remarkable REIT run was punctuated by the equity offerings of the past 18 months.

Archstone's Sellers Discusses Public-Private Dynamic and Expectations for Multifamily Sector

R. Scot Sellers of Archstone relates his experience on the public and private side of REITs.

Matthew Lustig Discusses Bifurcation in Capital Markets

Public capital is available for "high-quality management" teams, according to Lazard's Lustig.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Martin Cohen and Robert Steers of Cohen & Steers

Martin Cohen and Robert Steers have seen their belief in real estate investment through REITs validated.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections. Morris Kramer of Roberts & Holland

Around since the industry's inception, tax attorney Morris Kramer shares his insights into the past 50 years of REIT history.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Mike Kirby of Green Street Advisors

Mike Kirby explains why he has no doubt that REITs are the best way to invest in commercial real estate.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Constance Moore of BRE Properties
BRE's Constance Moore says REITs have changed the way investors view commercial real estate.
Word On The Beach for September 2010 Looks at the Mall Sector With Green Street Advisors' Cedrik Lachance

Cedrik Lachance looks at the impact the economy has had on the mall sector.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Steven Roth of Vornado Realty Trust

Vornado Chairman Steven Roth says the past 50 years have proven "REITs are for real."

Martin Cohen and Robert Steers of Cohen & Steers, Inc. Discuss REIT Globalization, IPO Possibilities and the Value of a Long-Term Investment Focus

Martin Cohen and Robert Steers discuss globalization, REIT IPOs and the value of long-term goals.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Don Wood of Federal Realty Investment Trust

As a member of NAREIT's executive committee, Don Wood of Federal Realty knows first-hand the role NAREIT plays in advancing the industry's objectives.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, William King of Goodwin Procter

William King, former partner with Goodwin Procter, provides insights from someone whose career paralleled the REIT industry.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Sam Zell of Equity Group Investments

Sam Zell, chairman of Equity Group Investments, shares his insights on the past, present and future of REITs.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Debra Cafaro of Ventas

Ventas' Debra Cafaro, NAREIT chair, talks about the association's impact, the growth of the REIT industry and where things go from here.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, Milton Cooper of Kimco Realty Corporation

Kimco's Milton Cooper reflects on the development of REITs over the past 50 years.

REITs@50: Industry Reflections, David Simon of Simon Property Group

David Simon of Simon Property Group shares his thoughts on the anniversary of REITs and NAREIT.

Celebrating 50 Years of REITs and NAREIT: Steven A. Wechsler

Sept. 14, 2010 marked the beginning of the 50th anniversary year of celebration of the U.S. REIT industry. Fifty years ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed legislation that created a new approach to income-producing real estate investment "“ a manner in which the best attributes of real estate and stock-based investment are combined.

REIT Market Snapshot: REITs' Outperformance Sustained

In the first eight months of 2010, equity REIT returns increased nearly 14 percent.
Word on the Beach: August 2010

Green Street Advisors analyst Steven Frankel discusses industrial sector fundamentals.