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Data Center REIT Executive Says Rise of Cyber Attacks Globally a Major Concern

QTS Realty’s Kurt Manske says company at front line of war on cyber terror.

Kerry Vandel
Professor Says Retirees, Millennials and Immigrants Changing Real Estate Industry

Kerry Vandel of the University of California-Irvine cites changes in technology as having a major impact on real estate business.

Acquisitions Analyst Sees Increased Regulation for Real Estate Deals

Allocation Advisors’ Scott MacComb says number of distressed real estate sellers on the market has fallen.

REIT Insurance Experts Outline Changes to NAREIT D&O Insurance Program

Coverage enhancements to program are effective immediately.

STORE Capital CEO Says REIT Focusing on Profits at Asset Level

STORE Capital’s Chris Volk sees potential for continued growth in net lease REIT sector.

Green Street Analyst Says Value of Real Estate Key to REIT Valuations

Green Street’s Lukas Hartwich says leverage of 30 percent or below is optimal.

REIT Governance Specialist Says Succession Planning Should Include All Senior Management

Venable’s Jim Hanks sees more REIT M&A on the horizon.

QTS General Counsel Says REIT Lawyers More Integrated in Businesses

QTS Realty Trust’s Shirley Goza predicts “pushback” if Dodd-Frank clawback provisions broadened.

Deloitte Partner Discusses Impact of FASB Rules on REITs

Deloitte’s Chris Dubrowski says FASB guidance on partial sales important for real estate.

GGP Tax Executive says Retention of Capital Critical in REIT Partnership Issues

GGP’s Kate Courtis highlights challenges faced by REITs involved with real estate funds.

Real Estate Lawyer Sees Continuing Capital Flows into Public Non-Listed REITs

Proskauer Rose’s Peter Fass says PNLR investment in 2015 may top last year’s levels.

Kimber Bascom
KPMG Partner Expects Leasing to Continue After Implementing New Reporting Standard

KPMG’s Kimber Bascom says lessees could ask for extra flexibility.

BMO Banker Sees Strong Investor Support in Real Estate Capital Markets

BMO’s Mark Decker sees opportunity for public purchases of private real estate assets.

W.P. Carey Tax Director Says Resource Constraints a Challenge for REITs

W.P. Carey’s Adam Cohen sees increased need for documentation.

NYSE Manager Sees Healthy REIT IPO Pipeline for 2015

NYSE’s Ron Bohlert cites number of trends influencing REIT IPO market.

Kilroy Tax Executive Says Tangible Property Regulations Major Change for REIT

Kilroy’s Mike Stauffer highlights tax issues related to customary services and joint ventures.

SEC Official Says Stakeholders Like REIT Reporting Practices

SEC’s Sonia Barros sees high volume of REIT activity in capital markets.

Kilroy Executive Underscores Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness for REITs

Kilroy’s Heidi Roth says all employees should be aware of need to protect information.

Willis Executive sees Benefits to REITs from Excess Capital in Insurance Market

Willis’ Joe Downey urges REITs to consider wide swath of insurance companies.

John Divers
CDT Executive Says Housing Market Approaching Normalcy

CDT COO and CFO John Divers on the factors behind firm’s strong performance.