Thomas J. Baltimore Jr.

Thomas J. Baltimore Jr.

Thomas J. Baltimore, Jr. serves as Park Hotels & Resorts’ chairman of the board, president and CEO. He is also the 2018 Nareit chair.

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    Reflecting on a Busy Year as Nareit's Chair

    My time as Nareit’s chair has only solidified my belief in the long-term durability of the REIT approach to real estate investment.
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    REIT Global Expansion

    In today’s investment marketplace, competition for capital is global in scope.
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    REITs and Interest Rates: A Look at What’s Really Happening

    A growing economy is good for real estate, including REITs. Economic growth produces increased demand for real estate.
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    Technology Affects Customer Expectations of REITs

    Congress created REITs nearly 60 years ago to facilitate investing in real estate for the long run.
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    Nareit's 2018 Priorities

    Thomas J. Baltimore, Jr.
    Everything Nareit does is driven by the reality that REIT-based real estate investment exemplifies real estate working for you—as an investor, as a participant in the global economy and as a member of communities.
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    Real Estate Working For You

    At Nareit, we aim to show how REITs truly represent real estate working for you.