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Nareit’s audience has the buying power. With nearly $3 trillion in gross assets and more than 200,000 properties, this highly engaged audience is looking for best-in-class products and services to continue to grow their businesses.

REIT Print Magazine Advertising

As a highly specialized publication, REIT magazine provides access to one of the largest footprints in real estate. This highly-qualified audience controls nearly $3 trillion in gross assets and collectively own more than 200,000 properties. Explore REIT print magazine advertising opportunities.

Digital Advertising

Increase your exposure and drive engagement with Nareit’s digital advertising opportunities.

  • REIT Digital Magazine Advertising: Enhance your REIT magazine print buy and engage REIT professionals with your content by advertising in:
  • Nareit Weekly: Get your message in the inboxes of more than 6,000 REIT CEOs and executives who read Nareit Weekly. This member-only publication, delivered by Nareit’s CEO, provides valuable REIT industry and association updates to Nareit’s member executives. Explore Nareit Weekly advertising opportunities.

Event Sponsorship

Increase your company’s visibility with sponsorship opportunities at Nareit's three major conferences:

  • Nareit REITweek: Investor Conference (attendance 3,000+).
  • Nareit REITworld: Annual Conference (attendance 1,500+).
  • Nareit REITwise: Law, Accounting and Finance Conference (attendance 1,100+).

Contact Nareit Vice President, Business Development Chris Flood at for more details.

Additional opportunities are available on a limited basis for our SFO Forum and HR Forum, two niche conferences that provide Nareit corporate members with specialized content focused on certain operational aspects of their organizations. These events are by invitation only and therefore, some restrictions do apply. Contact Nareit Vice President, Business Development, Chris Flood at for more details.