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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Fibra Uno Introduces REITS To Mexico

After more than three decades in the real estate business, the El-Mann family has opened the first “Fibra” in Mexico.

Europe Under Siege

Stronger Players Stand to Reap Golden Opportunity.

Accounting Boards Progressing With Projects
NAREIT's George Yungmann discusses ongoing financial standards issues.
Capital and Growth

Bi-monthly thoughts from NAREIT's Chairman.

Demand for International Real Estate Still Strong
Jon Cheigh of Cohen & Steers on developments in international market.
Analysis: Tel Aviv Office Market Strong

Significant new development activity in pipeline.

Industrial REITs Navigate Global Challenges

International market a balance of solid fundamentals and economic challenges.

More Institutions Plan to Invest in Private Real Estate Funds
Report suggests more investors will increase amounts, too.
Japanese Commercial Real Estate Overcoming Setbacks
Industrial sector demand propels industry.
REITs Proceed with Caution in Regards to Financing
Colonial First's Andrew Nicholas says macro concerns weighing on REITs.


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