News by Topic : Investment news

  • 3/15/2013

    Podcast: REITs and Inflation

    United Realty's Jacob Frydman on commercial real estate investment in periods of inflation.

  • 3/13/2013

    J.P. Morgan’s Michael Hudgins: A Strong Voice for REIT Investment

    Michael Hudgins has long advocated for the inclusion of REIT securities in well-balanced investment portfolios.

  • 3/13/2013

    PIMCO and the Resilient REIT

    One of the investment industry’s most influential says REITs have passed an important test.

  • 3/11/2013

    The REIT Formula for Success

    Bi-monthly thoughts from NAREIT's Chairman. 

  • 3/8/2013

    Weyerhaeuser Seeing Beginnings of Housing Recovery, CEO Says

    Dan Fulton discusses effects of household formation.

  • 3/7/2013

    Podcast: Fundamentals of Fund Managment

    Cornerstone's Scott Westphal on real estate fund management.

  • 2/22/2013

    Mark Zandi Explains it All

    Mark Zandi is chief economist with Moody’s Analytics and co-founder of

  • 2/22/2013

    Grin and Share It

    Bi-monthly thoughts from REIT magazine's Editor in Chief.

  • 2/22/2013

    4 Quick Questions with Brian Jones

    Brian Jones is SVP and co-portfolio manager with Neuberger Berman.

  • 2/15/2013

    Podcast: The Uncertainty Principle

    Bloomberg View columnist Caroline Baum on uncertainty.