News by Topic : Sustainability

Sustainability Advisor Sees Consolidation of Standards in Next Few Years

AccountAbility’s Sunil Misser says sustainability becoming increasingly mainstream.

AccountAbility Seeking Practical Solutions to Sustainability Issues

Sustainability advisory firm guiding REITs on leading practices.

Forest City Sees Leading Sustainability Role for Adaptive Reuse and Historic Preservation

Forest City’s Jill Ziegler says needle moving forward on universal standards.

GGP Investing in Solar, HVAC, Lighting Initiatives

GGP’s Brian Montague says sustainability projects popular with shareholders.

ESG Principles Underscore Sustainability Achievements, Prologis Executive Says

Prologis’ Jeannie Renne-Malone says REIT continually upgrading existing assets.

Pebblebrook Implementing Sustainability Best Practices Across Portfolio

Pebblebrook’s Jeremy Tobin says sustainability measures have boosted savings.

Parkway Properties Planning Ahead for Sustainability Regulations

Parkway’s Daniele Horton says progress being made on tracking data.

Sustainability Adds Value to Real Estate Assets, Liberty Executive Says

Liberty Property’s Billy Grayson says traditional metrics may overlook sustainability.

EPA Updating ENERGY STAR Scores, Advisor Says

EPA’s Cindy Jacobs sees increase in owner-tenant engagement.

Untapped Potential in Renewable Energy, Boston Properties Executive Says

Boston Properties’ Ben Myers highlights importance of building retrofits.


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