Self-storage REITs own and manage storage facilities and collect rent from customers. Self-storage REITs rent space to both individuals and businesses.

Who Invests in Self-Storage REITs? 

Nearly 150 million Americans live in households that invest in REITs. With their historically competitive total returns and comparatively low correlation with other assets make them an attractive addition and diversifier for many Americans’ portfolios.

How to Invest in Self-Storage REITs

There are currently 5 self-storage REITs listed on the FTSE Nareit US Real Estate Indexes available to invest in directly, or an individual can invest through REIT mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


10/31/2023, Source: FTSE
Number of REITs
Dividend Yield
YTD Total Return
October Total Return
2022 Total Return

Quarterly Data

Source: Nareit T-Tracker
Q3 2023 2023
FFO ($M) $1,396 $4,036
NOI ($M) $1,704 $1,704
Dividends paid ($M) $1,022 $3,154
SS NOI 1.67%

List of Self-storage

1 Year Total Return Stock price
CUBE | Malvern United States | Self-storage
Extra Space Storage, Inc.
EXR | Salt Lake City United States | Self-storage
Global Self Storage, Inc.
SELF | Millbrook United States | Self-storage
Life Storage, Inc.
LSI | Buffalo United States | Self-storage
Not available
National Storage Affiliates
NSA | Greenwood Village United States | Self-storage
Public Storage
PSA | Glendale United States | Self-storage