Charles Keenan

Charles Keenan

Charles Keenan is a freelance writer and regular contributor to REIT magazine.

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    REIT Warehouse Logistics Being Redefined by Prologis

    Prologis builds the first U.S. warehouse serviceable by trucks on two floors.
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    REITs Adjusting to the New Normal in Retail

    Retail REITs aim to stay ahead of consumer trends.
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    REITs Meet Evolving Needs of Office Space Tenants

    Office REITs answer tenant demand for top-notch space. 
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    The Industrial REIT Boom

    A Duke Realty facility in the Dallas market.
    A look into how industrial REITs are adapting to a future heavily shaped by e-commerce.
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    Residential REITs Adapting to the Future of Housing

    Residential REITs adapt to the evolution of how people live.
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    Are Malls Ready to Deal?

    Despite concerns about the health of the mall business, one recently announced merger of two retail REIT titans could catalyze more deal-making in a sector going through major changes.
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    Economists See Strong U.S. Fundamentals Boding Well For Real Estate

    U.S. real estate likely will continue to benefit from strong fundamentals, but the high valuations of properties across all sectors will make it harder this year to see any big gains in prices, according to Nareit’s recent conversations with a group of five leading economists.