Charles Keenan

Charles Keenan

Charles Keenan is a freelance writer and regular contributor to REIT magazine.

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    REITs Assess the Potential Fiscal Impacts of Climate Change

    REITs look to address rising risks of weather-related events.
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    Simon’s Culture of Innovation Keeps the Mall REIT Ahead of Retail Trends

    Simon’s culture of innovation reinforces long-term success.
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    Camden Property Future-Proofs Parking Garages for Adaptive Reuse

    Residential REIT Camden Property plans ahead for fewer drivers.
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    REIT Warehouse Logistics Being Redefined by Prologis

    Prologis builds the first U.S. warehouse serviceable by trucks on two floors.
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    REITs Adjusting to the New Normal in Retail

    Retail REITs aim to stay ahead of consumer trends.
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    REITs Meet Evolving Needs of Office Space Tenants

    Office REITs answer tenant demand for top-notch space. 
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    The Industrial REIT Boom

    A Duke Realty facility in the Dallas market.
    A look into how industrial REITs are adapting to a future heavily shaped by e-commerce.