Charles Keenan

Charles Keenan

Charles Keenan is a freelance writer and regular contributor to REIT magazine.

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    REITs Attractive to Investors in Search of Dividends

    Over long periods, REITs have outpeformed the broad indexes in terms of dividend yields.
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    Infrastructure REITs Are Powering the Growth of Cloud Computing

    Infrastructure REITs are helping support the growth of mobile technology and cloud computing around the world.
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    Analysts Offer Their Assessments of Equity REITs for 2016

    Our panel of analysts offer their Equity REIT predictions for 2016.
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    REITs Rethinking Joint Ventures

    In today's market, joint ventures for most REITs represent a cheaper alternative to raising equity.
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    Coming Soon? REITs in India and China

    Opening Doors to REITs in China and India.
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    PACE Financing Could Accelerate Financing Sustainability Projects

    PACE financing could become an accelerator for financing sustainability projects.
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    More REITs Gaining Access to Commercial Paper

    Office towers
    For REITs that qualify, commercial paper is a way to reduce borrowing costs.