News by Topic : Global investing

  • 3/8/2012

    Keep an Eye on Confidence

    E&Y's Lehman advises to look beyond jobs for signs of expansion.

  • 3/6/2012

    European Listed Real Estate Performing Well

    EPRA's Philip Charls says quality of management, assets helps performance.

  • 3/1/2012

    REITs Can Still Make Up Ground With Investors

    Federal Realty CEO Don Wood says macroeconomic factors biggest threat to REITs.

  • 2/8/2012

    U.S. CRE Viewed as Stable, Secure Place to Invest

    AFIRE's Jim Fetgatter says investors also have eye on Brazil.

  • 1/19/2012

    Looking for Low Volatility REIT Stocks

    Cornerstone's Nem Marjanovic says volatility is a major factor for REIT investors in this market.

  • 1/10/2012

    Commercial Real Estate Still Recovering

    Lazard's Jay Leupp says market in middle innings of recovery.

  • 1/4/2012

    2011 REIT Returns Increase 4 Times More than S&P 500

    U.S. Equity REITs up 8.28 percent, raise record-breaking capital.