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  • 2/20/2018

    Commercial Property Markets Hold Steady in Q4

  • 2/16/2018

    More Than 170 REITs Have Submitted 1099-DIV Data to Nareit

    More than 170 companies have submitted 2017 information for Nareit’s annual effort to collect data on IRS Form 1099-DIV reporting by stock exchange-listed and public non-listed Nareit member companies.

  • 2/15/2018

    REIT Investors Should Ignore Short-Term Volatility

    Nareit’s Calvin Schnure says inflation and interest rate concerns impacting market.

  • 2/8/2018

    Interest Rates, Inflation, the Stock Market and REITs: What are the Risks?

  • 1/23/2018

    The 2018 mREIT Outlook: One of Cautious Optimism

    Bose George, a go-to voice for the mortgage finance sector, sits down with REIT magazine to discuss his expectations for mREITs in 2018. 

  • 1/19/2018

    Do Favorable Demographics Always Equate to Outperformance?

    Nareit spoke with Dave Bragg, managing director and research analyst at Green Street Advisors, about land-use regulations, demographics and supply constraints in certain sectors and markets.

  • 1/19/2018

    Overlooked and Undervalued REITs Are Positioned to Outperform

    Favorable economic trends and solid operating fundamentals support REIT industry’s growth.

  • 1/18/2018

    Economists See Strong U.S. Fundamentals Boding Well For Real Estate

    U.S. real estate likely will continue to benefit from strong fundamentals, but the high valuations of properties across all sectors will make it harder this year to see any big gains in prices, according to Nareit’s recent conversations with a group of five leading economists.

  • 1/12/2018

    Green Street Says Smaller REITs Can Take Steps to Attract Institutional Investors

    Philip Owens

    Green Street’s Philip Owens highlights importance of communication, balance sheet strategy.


  • 1/8/2018

    Portfolio Manager Favors Single-Family Rental, Manufactured Home REITs

    Arthur Hurley

    Columbia Threadneedle’s Arthur Hurley expects wide performance differences between REIT sectors in 2018.