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  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Misconceptions About REITs and Interest Rates

    Joe Fisher
    Joe Fisher of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management on the relationship between rising interest rates and REIT performance.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    REITs Generating Better Returns from Going Green

    Alok Singh
    Alok Singh of RealFoundations discusses new research on REITs' sustainability platforms.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Hiring in Real Estate on the Rise, Study Shows

    Susan Phillips
    Job opportunities in real estate up 23 percent in 2014, study shows.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Office REITs Still Attractive to Alpine Funds Portfolio Manager

    Bob Gadsden
    Bob Gadsden of Alpine Funds says lower gas prices a net positive for REITs.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Xenia Hotels CEO Says Lodging REIT Off to Strong Start

    Marcel Verbaas
    Marcel Verbaas discusses Xenia's spin-off from Inland American Real Estate Trust, Inc.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    STORE Capital CEO Says Going Public Provides Efficient Cost of Capital

    Christopher Volk
    Christopher Volk, president and CEO of STORE Capital, discusses the REIT's IPO in late 2014 and the transactions market in the net lease sector.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    REIT Trader Says 2015 Could Bring IPO Wave

    David Auerbach
    David Auerbach of Esposito Securities discusses the big stories in the REIT market in 2014 and looks ahead to 2015.